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What is Sorted?

Designed for the unique needs of the self-employed, freelancers and consultants in Canada, Sorted is an iOS app that helps you to keep track of business expenses, sales taxes (GST/HST), and summarize your applicable business deductions.

The Sorted for Self-Employed app is currently live for users in Ontario. If you do not operate your business in Ontario, we will have something for you soon! Join our waitlist to find out when we will be launching in your area.

How does Sorted help?

Sorted keeps your business expenses organized year round, so you’re ready to send information to your accountant, or use it yourself to do your income or sales tax returns in time for Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) tax deadlines. We’ll let you know about upcoming deadlines and when you have new transactions to review so you don’t fall behind and lose track of business expenses. While Sorted helps you track your expenses, you should consult your tax, accounting or other professional advisor to ensure your own circumstances have been properly considered.

Is Sorted right for me?

Whether you are incorporated, registered or operating in your own name (non-registered), you’ll have your income and expenses organized for your GST/HST returns and income tax returns.

How do I get started?

After downloading the Sorted app you’ll be prompted to set up your unique business profile and connect your bank and credit card accounts. Then, you can effortlessly begin to track business expenses and see the status of your transactions.

How do I know when there are new transactions to review in Sorted?

It’s easiest to organize information a little at a time and within days of the transactions taking place, so we let you know when you have new transactions to review.

What happens when I connect my bank accounts and credit cards?

Connecting your accounts helps you to easily track all your transactions in one place, regardless of what bank account or credit card was used. When you connect an account to Sorted, we use an account aggregation service that encrypts your login credentials and aggregates your transactions. We do not store your login credentials. As part of the RBC organization, data safety and security is our top priority and we’re committed to providing a high level of security. See data security for details.

What is RBC Ventures?

Sorted was created and built by RBC Ventures Inc., an affiliate of Royal Bank of Canada, where we’re going beyond banking to solve problems and transform the way you live your life.

When will Android be available?

We’re working on the Android version and hope to have it ready soon. Join our waitlist to find out when it’s ready.

Tracking sales & income taxes with Sorted

If I’m registered for sales taxes (GST/HST), can I use Sorted?

Yes, Sorted auto-calculates sales taxes from business expense transactions whenever possible. You’re also able to review and update any calculation at the transaction level in the app.

Can I use Sorted to help me manage sales tax reporting and payments?

Yes. Sorted keeps track of how much sales taxes (HST/GST/PST) you’ve collected from clients and paid on expenses to calculate how much you owe. In addition, you’ll receive deadline notifications to help you avoid late penalties.

Remember, it’s still important to hold on to your receipts!

What if I start collecting sales taxes part way through the year?

If you start collecting sales taxes during the year, you can update your Sorted profile and tracking will begin.

Can I file taxes with Sorted?

Sorted does not do tax filing. However, you do get a detailed summary of your business income and expenses. You or your accountant need to complete the appropriate tax forms whether you are a sole proprietor, registered or incorporated business.

Managing Business Transactions

How do I add or change bank accounts or credit cards on my Sorted profile?

You’re always able to add new eligible accounts or credit cards onto your Sorted account. Once you sign in to the Sorted app, go to the menu in the top left corner and choose Linked Accounts.

How far back does Sorted pull my transactions?

When you first sign up for Sorted and link your bank and credit card accounts, you’ll see available historical transactions. Typically, you’ll see your last 3 months of transactions, at a minimum.

Is there a limit to the number of transactions or accounts I can link to Sorted?

Sorted is designed for self-employed, freelancers and contractors in Canada (although the Beta launch will only be available in Ontario). We don’t limit the number of transactions or accounts that can be connected.

Once I’ve linked my account, how long does it take for transactions to be available in Sorted?

Generally, transactions are available within a couple of minutes of linking your bank or credit card accounts.

When do new transactions pull into Sorted?

All new available transactions will appear each time you log in to Sorted. Generally, if you can see the transaction through your online banking profile, then the transaction will be available through Sorted.

What happens if I miscategorize a transaction?

You’re able to view all the transactions you’ve categorized any time and update the category. There is also an undo feature if you want to change something right after assigning the category.


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